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how to care for handbags? Any methods?

No matter how much you paid for your handbag, as a matter of fact that you love it and want to keep it in prime condition so you can enjoy your treasures for years to come. 

This moment, dust bags play a really important role. Drawstring dust bags can be one of your better choice. I will give you some ways to care for your handbags better in the following paragraphs.

First of all, to always store your bags in enclosed handbag dust covers
Sometimes the drawstring dust bags are supplied with your handbag purchase (depending on the brand) but most times they are not. Dust can still settle get into the crevices of your handbags as drawstring dust covers leave a slight opening at the top. It is imperative that your handbags are safeguarded against these dust particles in a fully enclosed Cotton Covers and a double-sided zipper for easy access and full enclosure of your handbag.

gucci dust bag

Additionally, to cover your handbags separately
Storing your handbags separately in cotton dust covers voids handbag bleeding, or colour transfer. The last thing you want is for your rich red handbag to be tainted because the neighbouring white handbag left undesired marks on your handbag because your bags weren’t stored in separate dust covers.
Moreover, to stuff your handbags to maintain their structure
For structured handbags consider storing your bags with acid-free tissue paper, or old cotton clothing such as rolled shirts, or old towels to maintain the shape and structure of your handbag, particularly if you don’t use or rotate your handbags all that often. Avoid stuffing your bags with plastic bags of any sort as this will disintegrate and crumble over time and are a detriment to the environment. 

coach dust bag

STORE light coloured patent leathers separately as they absorb other colours easily and these transfers are impossible to get out.Wrap in tissue especially when you travel and always try and keep your valuable shoes and handbags in a flannel bag when travelling to prevent damage.
Furthermore, to store your handbags
Depending on the size of your handbag, ideally it is best to store your structured handbag or flat based bags in an upright position to maintain its shape and style. For unstructured handbags it is best to lay them flat. Leather bags and other natural materials need to breathe so when placed in humid conditions it can sweat, create bacteria and mould causing irreversible damage to your handbag. Do not stack your handbags on top of each other as this will cause structural breakdown. Instead, store them side by side.

Store light coloured patent leathers separately as they can absorb other colours easily and these colour transfers are impossible to remove and can cause irreparable damage. Do not store your handbags in plastic bags as this can also cause mould spots or your handbag can start to peel, see picture below. 
100% Cotton Dust Covers  are the most favourable option. They're acid-free, breathable, lightweight and hygienic. Love that.
lv dust bag
Last but not least, to keep your handbags out of direct sunlight
Do not store your handbags in direct sunlight, or extremely dry heat or humid conditions as the fabric or leather will eventually dry out, crack, fade and or peel. When I stored my black patent leather clutch bag in hot, humid conditions the patent began to peel. It is now irreparable but a good example of what can happen when you don't take proper care of your handbags. 
It is important to preserve and protect your handbags from the elements and ensure that natural air flow can circulate in and around your handbag collection - never box them up - particularly if your bags are occasional pieces that are not often used.  
You should Remember that a little of TLC can go a long way when it comes to safeguarding the longevity of your handbags against dirt, dust, mould and mildew by storing your handbags and clutches in a fully-zipped, 100% Cotton Dust Covers. (

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