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Take Jewelry for Vacation,take good care of the Jewelry

How to Pack Jewelry ?
Jewelry can be a packing trouble. Pieces are small with multiple parts that wander off and render the entire piece useless. Often involving long chains that always seem to get in trouble. Traveling with jewelry is not always easy. .Here’s how to pack your jewelry:
According to the Necklaces,Traveling with necklaces is hard. These mischievous little buggers like to wrestle and tangle themselves into a hot mess.My unruly necklaces misbehave regularly at home; on the road, they’re even worse. That’s why I only bring two necklaces: an everyday and a fancier necklace. I wear the everyday necklace and pack the fancier one. When packing necklaces, you have three options: straws, silk jewelry bag, or small plastic bag.

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What about straws, loop one end of the necklace through the straw and fasten the clasp. A brilliant way of traveling with necklaces, but only doable if you have access to straws. The other downside is this method takes up a bit of room, but the upside is outstanding: No more tangled necklaces.
Additionally, about small Plastic Bag, Here’s the trick I use to pack my second necklace. Use one bag per necklace. Drape the clasp out and seal the bag with a small section of the chain on the outside.
And rings ? To use a small plastic bag or tuck the rings into one of the silk jewelry bags. Keep your rings organized in a jewelry roll or organizer, if you’re traveling with one of those.

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Furthermore,bracelets Roll up a washcloth or hand towel and slide the bracelets over the rolled up towel. Tuck the entire towel (with bracelets) into a plastic Ziplock bag to keep any bracelets from wandering off.
According to earrings, if you’re not bringing a jewelry roll or organizer, you have two options: Buttons (aka small method), Cardboard (aka flat method; perfect for bringing more earrings)
Travel Jewelry Bag ?
Ready for the whole enchilada? This is how to pack your jewelry without it becoming a gigantic, headache inducing mess.
You have some options for how to pack your jewelry.
The options will be Jewelry roll, Jewelry pouch, Plastic quart bag, Jewelry box, Glad Press ‘n Seal, Pill case.
About the Jewelry Roll, spring for a gorgeous silk or soft fabric jewelry roll to pack your jewelry. A well-designed jewelry roll is a perfect way to bring a few pieces of jewelry on your trip. And, it’s an even better way to keep it all organized.Best part is the jewelry roll packs up into a small amount of space.
Besides, Jewelry Pouch, remember that silk jewelry pouch? Use it to pack your jewelry. Slip your earrings (on buttons) into this pouch, wind a necklace around the clasp, and you’re good to go.
This is how I travel with my jewelry. The pouch’s vibrant color makes it easy to spot in my bag’s dark depths. And it makes me smile and feel pretty, even when my dirty hair definitely doesn’t smell pretty from a long day of travel.
Which color of Jewelry drawstring Pouch will you choose ? If I have to make a decision, I will pick up the sky blue Jewelry drawstring Pouch to go.  (
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